Abiding by Sexual Harassment Laws Under California Employment Law

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California Labor Laws are very diverse, but all of them play a crucial role in protecting the privileges of employees and bring a balance between the business sector and labour without meddling with the freedoms of businesses. One of the laws covered under the California labour laws is known as the Hostile Work Environment Laws. Protecting workers against hostile working conditions that they encounter in their places of work is one of the primary aim of these laws. If an employee works under such hostile working condition, he or she may not be able to do whatever they are required to do. Learn more about Employment Law  at hostile work environment. To prevent such harassments cases from happening; the California Labor Laws requires all supervisors and managers to attend a two-hour sexual harassment prevention training that is carried out after two years.
With that said and done, here are some of the requirements that every company or industry out there should have to ensure that they are acting in accordance with the Sexual Harassment Law under the California Hostile Workplace Laws.
One question that every company and industry in California ask is whether the law covers them. Well, the California Labor Laws cover every company or business that has 50 or more workers. In fact, the California Employment Law state that a company has employed independent workers and contractors on a temporary basis is covered regardless of whether you have 40 permanent employees on your payroll and 10 or more independent contractors and workers who are temporary service workers.
California Labor law mandates all supervisors and managers to receive training on sexual harassment measures. Get more info about Employment Law at california labor laws. In California, however, the definition of the word supervisor is very broad. For instance, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act define supervisors as individuals who have the right to hire, suspend, transfer, promote other workers or the duty to direct them, listen to their grievances and effectively ratify without being biased. Apart from that, employers who take part in decision-making process, but do not make the final decisions, are required to receive training on the sexual harassment prevention training as they are considered to be supervisors under the law.
As mentioned earlier, sexual harassment prevention training occurs after every two years for only two hours.  Only experts at stopping harassment, retaliation and discrimination are used in training the sexual harassment prevention course.How the training is delivered also matters. Thus as an educator you need to maintain a vibrant classroom that allows for the students to air out their comments and also offer videos in your lessons. In short, the interactive session involves asking questions, answering each one of them, role-playing and testing the participants at the end of the training session to gauge what they learned. Learn more from https://www.encyclopedia.com/law/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/employment-law. 

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